Graphic design of catalogs – layout, composition, printing – creatively, reliably, effectivelyOur agency can offer you catalog design. Competition on the market forces entrepreneurs to constantly fight for the customer. It is not easy to advertise a product. A catalog is a great form of advertising, it is a presentation of the company, containing a list of products and services offered for sale. They often have a multi-page and graphically advanced form. Sell your product through the catalog, in print or online.


If you do not know how to start designing catalogs, we will advise you on what form of catalog will be the most beneficial for you, your company and your product. We are an agency specializing in this type of activities. We will propose a design that will add value to your product and have a real impact on its sales. Catalog design is something we can offer you. We can do for you:
– layout design;
– processing of material, photos;
– the composition of the pages;
– printing and generating an interactive catalog.


1. Execute the catalog plan.
2. Plot individual pages of the catalog preferably in excel.
3. Prepare the products or photos that you want to include in the catalog.
4. Think about how many languages you want to have a directory in.

We'll take care of the rest!

The catalog will be used to present your company and products at fairs, stock exchanges or exhibitions. It will be your business card, a great form of promotion. It will allow your potential customer to get acquainted with your offer and will certainly contribute to the increase in sales. The catalog will help you achieve success in building relationships with the customer. As an agency with many years of experience, we guarantee you services at a high level. We have extensive experience in similar projects. What counts for us is clarity and transparency as well as legibility in a given catalog. Below you can see our already existing projects.

Sample projects

Download the portfolio of our catalogs in pdf form there are links in which you can view the entire catalogs.

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