Car ad designs wrapping cars

Professionally wrapped cars are a showcase of any company, they have several tasks.

  • They can attract a customer interested in advertising
  • They can increase the prestige of the company, attractive advertising builds a favorable image of the company
  • They inform the customer that they are dealing with a given company

Designing advertisements for a car is quite a challenge and requires the designer to adapt to a specific car model, not without significance are the cutting lines and plastic elements of the car, which should not affect the readability of the graphics. Not without significance is also the customer's budget, which he wants to spend on wrapping the car, wrapping the whole car with poured foil can be very impressive, but the cost of such implementation, which is why most customers decide to partially wrap the car, it facilitates the selection of the right color of the car paint, which is matched to the color of the logo.

Our projects include:

1) Decorative graphic designs for cars 2) Advertising designs for cars, vans and trucks

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Care of glued cars

When we already have a wrapped car, or we are just before the decision to wrap, we ask ourselves: how to take care of a glued car? Is the way of caring for a wrapped car different from washing a car without foil? In general, the whole care process is very similar. Regardless of whether it is varnish or foil, at the beginning it is always worth using active foam to dissolve the greatest dirt. After rinsing the foam, we wash the car with the well-known technique "for two buckets". Then rinse and dry again. Each film, like varnish, can also be protected. The choice of waxes for foil or protective coatings (ceramic, quartz) is wide and certainly everyone will find a product for themselves. The only difference in washing a glued car is the selection of appropriate chemistry and increased caution when using a pressure washer. The action of water under high pressure in places such as: ends of sheet metal elements, edges, corners, may cause the film to peel off. The pressure washer should therefore be used with the head, e.g. by rinsing the car from a greater distance, trying to avoid direct spraying on sensitive points. Chemistry everything is worth having dedicated to the film, especially when it is matte. I'm talking about shampoo, wax or quick detailer. Of course, I'm not saying that we won't wash a car that has a film with a paint shampoo, because we will do it. However, dedicated chemistry can greatly help in such care, and a special wax will properly nourish the film and give color depth. Should you be afraid of caring for a car that is covered with foil? Definitely not. A little care and dedicated chemistry will make us enjoy the perfect appearance of our car for a long time.

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